Is it possible to extend leave due to sick leave and in what cases?

In accordance with the current norms of the labor legislation of the Russian Federation, each employee is entitled to paid leave after the expiration of six months from the date of his entry into a particular position.

But there are also special situations. For example, when your vacation application was approved, you had already carefully planned it, but suddenly felt a deterioration in your health. What should be done first in such a situation so that the long-awaited vacation days are not lost and wasted?

First of all, these situations are clearly regulated in the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Despite many changes made recently, the registration procedure itself remains the same. Its stages need to be given special attention, since missing a point or showing violations are unacceptable and can lead to quite negative consequences for both the employee and the management of the organization.

What rights does an employee have?

The right to vacation is undeniable and belongs to absolutely every employee. This means that the legislation of the Russian Federation must find appropriate alternatives so as not to violate established norms. According to the provisions of Article 124 of the current Labor Code of the Russian Federation, leave during which an employee experienced temporary disability can be extended or transferred to another time period, in accordance with the employee’s wishes.

The labor legislation of the Russian Federation completely transfers to the employer all responsibility for the lawful provision and registration of vacations for employees. If it is determined that the employer has violated the current rules by refusing to extend the existing leave or transfer it to another period, certain sanctions may be applied to him, for example, in the form of a fine and additional compensation.

The rights of any employee also include receiving payments, both for the period of vacation itself and for sick days. But despite this right, statistics show that it is not so easy to implement. As a rule, difficulties are associated with certain violations committed by the employer and with other nuances.

In accordance with established standards, the extension of leave should occur automatically if the employee submits to the employer a correctly completed certificate of incapacity for work. The days by which the vacation period is extended must correspond to the number of days during which the employee was sick. In this case, the issuance of an additional order is not required; the employer can make the necessary changes to the current data. Changes must be completed as carefully as possible, since the further procedure and possibility of payments depends on this.

If the employee is closer to the option of postponing the vacation, he must write a corresponding application, indicate the reasons, as well as the immediate start and end dates of the vacation period. If a decision was previously made to extend the leave, the employee’s application must be accompanied by relevant papers that can confirm the actual existence of grounds for processing a subsequent transfer. Registration of transfer of vacation can be allowed only if there are no claims from these parties to the labor relationship. Otherwise, the transfer will become illegal.

In addition, current labor legislation establishes that for certain categories of employees, the transfer of vacation must be mandatory.


If there are two certificates of incapacity for work

As part of Order No. 624n, for the period of incapacity for work of a citizen who has not fully recovered within the established course of treatment, a second sick leave is issued, while the first is closed to continue treatment.

Thus, by the time of recovery, the employee already has 2 sick leaves, which are presented to the employer for payment.

In such a situation, given that there are already two certificates of incapacity for work, many do not know how to extend their leave.

Meanwhile, both sheets are a consequence of the same illness and serve as the basis for transferring days of rest that were not realized due to illness to another time, or extending the vacation for a period corresponding to the treatment.

In the Ministry of Internal Affairs

Employment in internal affairs bodies, of course, has its own characteristics and is regulated by a separate federal law. But nevertheless, police officers, within the framework of legislative acts, are the same workers as ordinary citizens, with all the rights and benefits.

Thus, by virtue of Article 59 of the Federal Law dated November 30, 2011 N 342-FZ, the main or additional leave granted to a police officer is extended or transferred to another time in the event of incapacity for work.

From teachers

The work of teachers also has its own characteristics, but labor relations are for the most part regulated by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, and therefore, in the event of illness occurring during the rest period, the teacher has the right to transfer unrealized vacation days to another time or extend the interrupted vacation by the number of days of incapacity.

If the sick leave is in violation

When contacting a medical institution and undergoing further treatment, a sick citizen is obliged to comply not only with the doctor’s instructions, but also with the same procedure for scheduled visits.

If for some reason that is not a valid reason, the schedule is violated, the doctor, when filling out sick leave, has every right to indicate the code “23” or “24”, which will serve as the basis for reducing the amount of disability compensation to the level of the minimum wage.

If you were in another region or abroad

Within the framework of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, receiving medical care in the Russian Federation is free and available to everyone, therefore, if a sick person is unwell, he can go to any medical institution, which in turn is obliged to provide assistance within the framework of the standard list of services and, if necessary for long-term treatment, issue a sick leave in accordance with rules established by Order No. 624n.

Thus, on the basis of a sick leave certificate issued in another region, the employee can extend his vacation.

But there may be problems with a certificate of incapacity for work received abroad.

The fact is that only Russian sample slips approved by the same order No. 624n can be accepted for payment and accounting.

Therefore, in order for the specified document to be accepted for payment or to act as a basis for extending leave, it must be certified at the consulate and then legalized by submitting it to a medical commission at the place of residence for the issuance of a duplicate of the Russian Federation sample.

Registration for a civil servant

The procedure for performing public service, including rest time, is regulated by the Federal Law of July 27, 2004 N 79-FZ. Moreover, in addition to this norm, civil servants are also subject to the rules established by the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

That is, if an employee falls ill during the vacation period in accordance with Article 124 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, his vacation is extended or postponed to another time.


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Sick leave

Established stages

In order to ensure maximum compliance with current standards and save your own efforts, it is necessary to strictly follow the established procedure for documenting leave and other procedures associated with this type of professional rest, etc. Any violation of current legislation, even the smallest one, at first glance can lead to quite serious consequences.

The only legitimate confirmation of an employee’s illness is a well-executed sick leave certificate. It must be presented to the accounting department as soon as the legal vacation period ends.

A sick leave certificate can be issued by the relevant organization at the employee’s place of residence and registration or by another organization that provides medical care to employees under the relevant agreement. Sick leave can be issued both during work and during the vacation period, depending on the specific circumstances, the employee’s condition and other nuances.

Employer Notice

As soon as an employee receives a sick leave certificate, he should immediately notify his organization. Timely reporting is very important for several reasons:

— sick leave is protected, so the employee himself must be interested in presenting it to the employer;

- the procedure for registering sick leave can cause quite a large number of problems, the solution of which will have to be spent on your vacation time, as well as on the treatment of the disease itself;

— timely submission of sick leave and the required documents will help to avoid many problems with the accounting department. The fact that an employee is on sick leave must be taken into account and reflected in the relevant documentation.

Therefore, an employee should in no case neglect to timely inform his employer about the fact of his incapacity for work. This is the only way to fully protect your legitimate interests and take advantage of your rights.

Sick leave during vacation 2020: actions of an accountant

There are two possible scenarios here.

Option 1. If an employee on vacation went on sick leave and informed the employer (orally or in writing) that he wants to extend the vacation, then neither the accountant nor the HR officer needs to do anything. Indeed, in this case, the extension of leave on sick leave occurs automatically (clause 18 of the Rules, approved by the People's Commissariat of Labor of the USSR on April 30, 1930 N 169) and there is no need to issue an order to extend leave, or to recalculate vacation pay for sick leave.

Option 2. If an employee on vacation went on sick leave, but returned to work on time (i.e. did not extend his vacation) and provided sick leave, then, by agreement with the employer, the days not taken off are transferred to another time. It turns out that the employee was paid vacation pay in a larger amount than it should have been. Therefore, excess amounts of vacation pay can be offset against other payments due to the employee. In addition, do not forget to make “sickness” corrections on the time sheet if vacation days are already noted on it.

Caring for a young child

Young mothers very often need a vacation during which they can care for a sick child or another family member. It is then that the employee will be able to submit an appropriate application for sick leave. The circle of kinship and closeness of relatives is in no way limited by current norms. Therefore, any employee can exercise this right by providing appropriate confirmation. However, the immediate duration of the vacation provided may be affected by some nuances. If the child is under 7 years old, leave will be granted for the entire period of his treatment. If the child is from 7 to 15 years old, no more than twenty days of leave for the treatment of one disease. If the child is over 15 years old, leave can only be granted if the child is treated in a hospital and for no more than 3 days.

How to issue a certificate of incapacity for work during the vacation period

Labor Code sick leave during vacation

Illness during a well-deserved rest for officially working citizens is not yet a reason to deny yourself the long-awaited time off.

According to the law, Russians who fall ill during vacation have the right to transfer the unused period or extend their vacation using sick leave. In order not to miss the additional days for recovery established by law, citizens must contact a medical institution to obtain a certificate of incapacity for work.

Only the attending physician has the right to issue a certificate. Sick leave is not issued by an ambulance team, cannot be issued in sanatoriums, given “by hand” by junior staff - nurses, paramedics.

The law allows for the issuance of a certificate for both inpatient treatment and outpatient care. The type of treatment cannot influence the duration of additional “rest” from work or its payment.

The employee must do the following:

  1. Contact the clinic at your place of registration. The attending physician will issue a certificate of incapacity for work.
  2. Notify your employer about the illness. It is recommended not to delay contacting management: the sooner management finds out about what happened, the more loyal the attitude towards the patient will be.
  3. Choose how to use the remaining vacation period: use it immediately after recovery (combine it with sick leave) or transfer it to another period.
  4. Tell your authorized employee about your decision.

The accounting and human resources departments should know how the sick employee exercised his legal right to take the remaining days off after his vacation.

In what cases is sick leave not paid?

Sick leave does not always require mandatory payment. For example, if at the time of registration, the employee took a vacation at his own expense, all days of this vacation are entered in the corresponding accounting document. In this case, the presence or absence of a sheet will not matter here; therefore, it does not need to be entered into the timesheet. Sick leave data is marked with the letter “B” and is entered into the document on the first day when the employee was supposed to begin performing his professional duties.

In addition, being on maternity leave also relieves the employer of the obligation to pay.


  • If I get sick while on vacation, will they extend my vacation and pay me sick leave?
  • Is sick leave payable if you get sick while on vacation “at your own expense”
  • The grandmother is on yet another vacation and has taken sick leave and her grandson will pay for it for her.
  • I'm on vacation. I got sick and took sick leave. Will I be paid for sick leave?
  • I’m on another vacation and went on sick leave and they’ll pay me for it.
  • Can a husband be paid for sick leave if his wife is on maternity leave?
  • I am currently on vacation at my own expense, will I be paid for sick leave if I am sick?
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  • Sick leave on vacation
  • Sick leave on maternity leave
  • Is on sick leave
  • Sick leave for care leave


1. If I get sick while on vacation, will they extend my vacation and pay me sick leave?

1.1. Yes, sure. The Labor Code of the Russian Federation provides for this.

1.2. According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (Article 124), if an employee was on sick leave, the leave is either extended or postponed to another date. In this case, the transfer of leave is possible only on the basis of a written application from the employee. The patient must go to the clinic to see the attending physician and obtain a certificate of incapacity for work in the usual manner. Moreover, registration is mandatory for both outpatient and inpatient therapy. Sick leave during vacation begins from the first day of contact with a medical institution and continues until closing, in other words, until the patient’s complete recovery. If sick leave falls on vacation, it is paid according to the general rules. In other words, the employee will be accrued in full the amount due for temporary disability, which is paid on the day the cash is issued to the company.

This is important to know: Dismissal for absenteeism: compensation for unused vacation

2. Is sick leave payable if you get sick while on vacation “at your own expense”

Payment for sick leave issued to an employee during vacation at his own expense

If an employee brings a sick leave certificate issued to him during unpaid leave, he is paid from the day following the end of the leave at his own expense. Days of incapacity for work falling during the vacation period are not paid (clause 1, part 1, article 9 of Law No. 255-FZ, clause 22 of the Procedure for issuing certificates of incapacity for work).

2.2. Hello. If an employee falls ill while on leave without pay and recovers before its end, sick leave is not paid. - clause 1, part 1, art. 9 Federal Law of December 29, 2006 N 255-FZ “On compulsory social insurance in case of temporary disability and in connection with maternity”: 1. Temporary disability benefits are not assigned to the insured person for the following periods: 1) for the period of release of the employee from work with full or partial retention of wages or without payment in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, with the exception of cases of loss of ability by the employee due to illness or injury during the period of annual paid leave; — clause 22 of the Procedure for issuing certificates of incapacity for work, approved. By order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia dated June 29, 2011 N 624 n: 22. If temporary disability occurs during leave without pay, maternity leave, parental leave until the child reaches the age of 3 years, a certificate of incapacity for work is issued from the end date specified leaves in case of continuing temporary disability. If you recover after the end of your vacation, sick leave is paid from the first calendar day after the vacation. If an employee falls ill during vacation and recovers after its end, in this case the period of illness from the first calendar day after the end of vacation is subject to payment (part 2 of article 5 of Law N 255-FZ; paragraph 22 of the Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia dated June 29, 2011 N 624 n). The amount of temporary disability benefits is determined in accordance with the general procedure.

3. The grandmother is on her next vacation and went on sick leave with her grandson and they will pay it for her.

3.1. Hello! In accordance with clause 40 of the Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia dated June 29, 2011 N 624 n “On approval of the Procedure for issuing certificates of incapacity for work,” a certificate of incapacity for caring for a sick family member is not issued during the period of annual paid leave.

4. I'm on vacation. I got sick and took sick leave. Will I be paid for sick leave?

4.1. According to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (Article 124), if an employee was on sick leave, the leave is either extended or postponed to another date. Thus, the legislation provides for this situation. In this case, transfer of leave is possible only on the basis of a written application from the employee (you can find a sample application in the article). In this case, the employer sets a new period taking into account the wishes of the employee (according to Part 1 of Article 124 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation). In case of extension of leave, it is not necessary to receive an application from the employee.

5. I’m on another vacation and went on sick leave and they’ll pay me for it.

5.1. Good day! Provide sick leave and you will be required to pay it if you are officially employed. But during sick leave, your vacation is interrupted, and after sick leave it is extended. For example: you took a vacation from March 1 to March 28. From March 15 you have sick leave until March 24 inclusive. Total 10 days of sick leave. During this time, your vacation is interrupted, and from March 25, your vacation is extended, that is, you can stay on vacation for another 10 days, from March 25 to April 3 inclusive. It is not just automatically renewed, but supported by a statement to the employer. Where you ask to extend your vacation due to being on sick leave during your vacation. Attaching, of course, a copy of the sick leave certificate.

6. Can a husband be paid for sick leave if his wife is on maternity leave?

6.1. Whose sick leave?

6.2. Hello. If it is sick leave to care for a child, then they can.

7. I am currently on vacation at my own expense, will I be paid for sick leave if I am sick?

7.1. Yes, they must pay, the vacation will last for the number of days of sick leave.

8.1. Hello, you were told correctly. They will not pay 2 benefits at once, only one to choose from. Childcare benefits for the first child can be issued, for example, to the father of the child. I wish you good luck and all the best!

9. I am on leave to care for a child under 3 years old. Now I’m waiting for which, I received the BIR and sent it to the organization. A letter came from them about the liquidation of the organization. They said the sick leave will be paid according to the BIR, the rest of the payments need to be processed through social services. protection. Tell me, do I have rights to any other compensation from the organization? Thank you.

9.1. Theoretically - yes, as usual, upon termination of a contract on such grounds - the final payment, including compensation for unused vacation, severance pay, under Art. 178 Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

10. While I was on vacation, I went on sick leave and wrote a letter of resignation. Immediately after the first sick leave was closed, the next day I had an operation scheduled, another sick leave opened. Will I be paid for a second sick leave if I am considered fired after the first one is closed?

10.1. Hello, dear Victoria! Firstly

, the dismissal of an employee at his own request is regulated by Articles 80, 84.1 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation (in short - the Labor Code of the Russian Federation), which you have probably already become familiar with.
, there are no “sick leave” or “sick leave” in Russian legislation.
According to the Procedure for issuing certificates of incapacity for work, approved by Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia dated June 29, 2011 No. 624 n, in case of temporary disability

a certificate of incapacity for work
by a medical institution .
If the second certificate of incapacity for work is opened for you within 30 days after dismissal, then your former employer will be obliged to pay it to you in accordance with Article 5 of Federal Law No. 255-FZ “On compulsory social insurance in case of temporary disability and in connection with maternity.” Article 5. Cases of providing temporary disability benefits 1. Providing insured persons with temporary disability benefits is carried out in the following cases: 1) loss of ability to work due to illness or injury, including in connection with an operation for artificial termination of pregnancy or in vitro fertilization (hereinafter referred to as the disease or injury); 2) the need to care for a sick family member; 3) quarantine of the insured person, as well as quarantine of a child under 7 years of age attending a preschool educational organization, or another family member recognized as legally incompetent in the prescribed manner; (as amended by Federal Law No. 185-FZ dated 02.07.2013) 4) implementation of prosthetics for medical reasons in a hospital specialized institution; 5) follow-up treatment in the prescribed manner in sanatorium and resort organizations located on the territory of the Russian Federation, immediately after the provision of medical care in an inpatient setting. (Clause 5 as amended by Federal Law No. 317-FZ of November 25, 2013) 2. Temporary disability benefits are paid to insured persons upon the occurrence of the cases specified in Part 1 of this article during the period of work under an employment contract, performance of official or other activities , during which they are subject to compulsory social insurance in case of temporary disability and in connection with maternity, as well as in cases where the illness or injury occurred within 30 calendar days from the date of termination of the specified work or activity or during the period from the date of conclusion of the employment contract to the day of its cancellation
. Good luck to you.

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11. If the husband is on vacation and the mother goes on sick leave with her child, should the organization pay for sick leave?

11.1. Hello. If the child’s mother is working and takes sick leave to care for the child, then it must be paid. The fact that the husband is on vacation does not matter.

12. I am on maternity leave and got a part-time job in another organization. I got sick, should the organization where I work part-time pay for my sick leave?

12.1. Anastasia, if you have been working part-time for two calendar years, then you have the right to payment.

13. I, a police officer, wrote a report on leave with subsequent dismissal. While on vacation I get sick, will sick leave be paid in this case?

13.1. Good morning. Yes, they will pay you, since you can be fired only after you return from vacation and sick leave.

13.2. Obliged to pay. In addition, even if you fall ill within a month after your dismissal, you are also required to make payment.

Sick leave more than once per vacation

Anything can happen in life, so a situation where an employee takes out sick leave several times during one vacation is not that uncommon. In this case, the immediate payment procedure will depend on whether the second sick leave is a continuation of the previous one, etc.

If repeated sick leave is a continuation of the previous one, they will not be divided among themselves and are subject to total payment, as for one period. If each case of disability is a separate case, then they will be paid separately, independently of each other.

How does sick leave affect vacation?

As mentioned above, sick leave received on vacation provides grounds for its transfer or extension. But what to do if you receive sick leave before going on vacation, but all the documents have already been signed and vacation pay has been accrued? In this case, the employee must notify the employer whether he wants to postpone or extend his vacation if he does not have time to recover before it begins. It may, of course, not warn, but in this case it will put the employer in a somewhat awkward position, because the employer has no right to reschedule vacation without the employee’s knowledge, and if it turns out that this is exactly what the employee wanted, it may already be too late to fulfill his desire.
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Leave without pay

According to current regulations, sick leave should not be paid if it was issued while the employee was on leave without pay. In this case, the sheet must be submitted on the last day of this leave, if the period of absence from work has not yet ended. Failure to submit a document on time may result in additional problems for the employee, so this fact should be treated with the utmost care.

How to pay sick leave during vacation

Citizens who fall ill during a well-deserved rest do not always use their legal right to issue a certificate of incapacity for work at the clinic. The reason for this is that more than 30% of workers in the Russian Federation do not know whether sick leave is paid during vacation.

According to Federal Law No. 255-FZ dated December 29, 2006, all days spent on sick leave during paid leave are subject to compensation.

  • insurance experience up to 5 years - no more than 60%;
  • 5-8 years – up to 80%.

When working for 8 years or more, 100% of earnings in the company are paid.

The employer must pay sick leave. The period for receipt of funds should not exceed 14 working days from the date of submission of documents. It is possible to include financing due to illness in the next calculation, for example, advance payments. Sick leave is calculated taking into account deductions to the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation.

Subsequent dismissal

The procedure for paying sick leave under the condition of subsequent dismissal of a currently employed employee is determined by Article 127 of the current Code. The provisions of this article establish that, if an employee resigns after leaving sick leave, the period of his incapacity for work must be paid by the employer. Otherwise, the employee has every right to contact the appropriate institution to protect his interests, which were violated by the unlawful actions of the employer.

The total benefit amount may depend on many aspects - the employee’s length of service, the provisions of the internal collective agreement, etc. In addition to payments for disability, the resigning employee must also receive compensation for unused vacation days.

Excludes transfer and payment of the period

The accrual of disability benefits when it coincides with a vacation in a time interval is not always made, just as there are exceptions for extending or postponing vacation time.

The restrictions are established by letter of Rostrud No. PG/4629-6-1 dated June 1, 2012:

  1. Disability benefits are not accrued if the sick leave is related to a child or other sick family member, and not to one’s own illness. The reasoning of social insurance is that a sheet is issued to provide time and material compensation for care, and leave provides this right. In this case, in case of completion of the rest interval, the bulletin is paid in part from the end date of the vacation at the expense of the fund.
  2. Payment for sick leave is not made while the employee is on unpaid leave, at his own initiative.
  3. The benefit is not accrued while on study leave, since the dates for submitting semester material are provided by the educational institution. The solution may be to provide a form to the educational institution, expressing a desire to extend the session with documentation of a new call to study.

Personal illness or injury while on vacation is always subject to payment, and the unused stipulated right can be extended at the request of the employee or transferred in agreement with management.

If a decision is made on a specific date for termination of the employment contract with the employer, the ballot is paid in full without transferring vacation days.

When sick leave should not be paid

The legislation of the Russian Federation defines clear situations in which payment of sick leave will not be legal:

  • when an employee is relieved from performing his professional duties for a certain period of time;
  • when the employee was removed from his duties in accordance with an order issued by the management of the institution or another authorized person;
  • when the employee was taken into custody by authorized authorities;
  • when there was a downtime in the activities of the organization or institution;
  • when the onset of disability became a logical consequence of causing harm to the employee’s current condition by himself.

When is vacation not extended or rescheduled?

There are several cases when an employee’s sick leave received during annual leave is not grounds for extending or transferring part of the leave.

If the sick leave was issued to care for a child or other family member.

Clause 40 of the Procedure for issuing certificates of incapacity for work, approved by Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation dated June 29, 2011 No. 624n, defines cases when sick leave is not issued to care for a family member. One of the provided cases is the illness of a family member during the employee’s annual leave or unpaid leave.

Sick leave for child care should not be issued during the regular vacation; it is not paid and does not affect the total duration of the employee’s vacation.

If an employee received sick leave to care for a child and automatically extended his leave for the number of days the child was ill, dismissal for absenteeism is possible. This is confirmed by judicial practice. Thus, the Tyumen Regional Court considered the case of reinstatement of an employee dismissed for absenteeism. Refusing to satisfy the demands, the court indicated that the employer’s obligation to extend leave by the number of calendar days of incapacity in the event that temporary incapacity occurred during the period of annual paid leave arises only if the employee himself is incapacitated.

nbsp; illness of a child (another family member) in accordance with Art. 124 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation is not a basis for extending annual paid leave even if the employee has a certificate of incapacity for work. That is, the dismissal for absenteeism was carried out on legal grounds (Appeal ruling of the Tyumen Regional Court dated August 10, 2015 in case No. 33-4702/2015).

Registration of sick leave by the employer

An employer can issue a corresponding order only on the basis of a document submitted in a timely manner by its employee. After this, he makes appropriate changes to the accounting documents and to the current employee vacation schedule in order to record the fact of incapacity for work.

In addition, the employer must issue an order to postpone the vacation period, if there is such a need and if there are all grounds for this legal action, as well as documentary evidence.

Can they refuse?

If you have done everything as expected, but the employer refuses and does not extend (postpone) your vacation, you can achieve restoration of your rights by contacting the labor inspectorate or court.

However, this rarely happens, since for failure to provide annual paid leave, as well as for refusal to extend or reschedule it, an enterprise can be fined 50,000 rubles, and its manager - 5,000 rubles, because this is a violation of labor laws.

Accounting registration

Certain data must be entered on the sick leave by the organization’s accounting department. Information about the amount for the billing period is entered in the “Salary Certificate” section. In addition, this document contains information about the time period for which benefits are paid, the number of working days and other important nuances.

All entered information must be certified by the signature of an accountant or other authorized person, as well as the signature of the head of the organization. To simplify the work and quickly enter the necessary data, the well-known accounting program 1C can be used for this. As soon as the registration of sick leave has begun, the program will create a special document - “Vacation accrual”. Here the accountant will need to enter the correct end date of the vacation period and recalculate direct wages for the specified time period.

An unexpected illness while on vacation certainly brings negative emotions for an employee. However, it does provide certain privileges that you can use to your advantage and at your discretion. For example, an employee has the right to choose certain days when legal leave can be continued. But it’s still better to encounter such situations as little as possible, in order to save your own nerves and in order to ensure that you have the vacation that was previously planned. But if such a situation does arise, the main thing is not to forget about your legal rights and skillfully use them, in accordance with the established rules and requirements.

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Methods of paying for sick leave during vacation days

When calculating payment for a period of temporary disability, the method chosen by the employee to use the remaining days of compensatory leave plays an important role. How is sick leave paid during vacation?

  1. Additional crediting to the employee's account in case of extension.
  2. Vacation pay is recalculated if the citizen has chosen to postpone the vacation.
  3. In the first case, the accounting department accrues sick leave without recalculating vacation contributions. The employee does not have to pay back part of the funds or worry about being charged interest on future payroll deposits.

This is important to know: What day does the vacation start?

If an employee refuses to extend his vacation due to illness, a shortage of funds arises in the accounting department. Initially, the citizen received the entire payment due to his next vacation. Its transfer means that the employee is obliged to return the overpayment to the accounting department.

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