What is an electronic invoice? Operating rules
How to staple documents correctly Stashing documents is necessary to organize them. In companies and institutions
Tips for Closing the month in Enterprise Accounting 2.0
Determination of the financial result of the company’s activities is carried out not only before the reformation of the balance sheet, but also
How to reflect in accounting the purchase of goods (work, services) through an accountable entity
Kontur.Accounting is a web service for small businesses! Quick establishment of primary accounts, automatic calculation of taxes, sending reports
Increase in VAT change in contract
How to draw up an additional agreement to a contract in connection with a change in the VAT rate
Legislative framework Let us turn to the Letter of the Federal Tax Service No. SD-4-3 / [email protected] dated 10/23/2018. It provides explanations
teacher's salary at the institute
School teachers get paid more than university teachers
Teachers in higher educational institutions are considered a separate caste of teachers, whose tasks are transferred to students
Funding preventative measures to reduce occupational injuries
Financial support for preventive measures is an opportunity provided by law, thanks to which it is possible to reduce the amount
All about the order for the transfer of material assets in connection with the dismissal of the MOL
Order to transfer property to another organization 5. Establish that preferential sale of state-owned
List of medical products subject to VAT at a rate of 10%
Have you purchased medical equipment, how to pay VAT? Question: Our organization purchased medical equipment without VAT, so
Determining the period for accepting VAT for deduction
The court allowed VAT to be deducted without an invoice
There is an opinion that the norm enshrined in paragraph 1.1 of Article 172 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation applies to goods
Secret tricks of tax specialists for a quick check of 6-NDFL
Certificate 2-NDFL Certificate 2-NDFL is a document that allows you to obtain information about the income of a certain individual
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