St. Petersburg is a city of federal significance, in which the demographic situation is currently unstable. At the end of 2018, the death rate in the city exceeded the birth rate.

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Since the city is an independent subject of the Russian Federation (not part of the Leningrad region), regional benefits do not apply to it.

Federal child benefits in St. Petersburg

BenefitPayment amount
Maternity benefits
Maternity benefit
  • For workers, employees, students - 100% of the average monthly income for the last 2 years: Minimum - 55,830 rubles;
  • Maximum: 322,191 - in the general case for 140 days of sick leave;
  • 359,013 - for complicated childbirth (156 days of maternity leave);
  • 446,465 - in case of multiple pregnancy (194 days).
Benefit for registration in early pregnancySince February - 675.15 (655.49 × 1.038)
One-time benefit for the pregnant wife of a conscript soldierIn January - 27,680.97 From February 1, 2021 - 28,511.4 (RUB 27,680.97 × 1.03)
Payments upon birth of a child
Lump sum benefit at birthIf the child was born before January 31, 2021 - 17,479.73 From February 1 - 18,00.12 (17,479.73 × 1.03)
One-time benefit when transferring a child to a family upon adoptionfrom January 1 - 17,479.73 rubles; from February 1 - 18,004.12 rubles; 137,566.14 when adopting a disabled child over 7 years of age, as well as children who are brothers (sisters).
Monthly child care payments
Monthly allowance for child care up to one and a half years old
  • 40% of average monthly earnings for the previous 2 full years; Minimum: 4852 - for the first child;
  • from January 1 - 6554 rubles; from February 1 - 6751 rubles - for the second and each subsequent.
Monthly allowance for the child of a conscript soldierIn January - 11,863.27 After February - 12,219.17 (11,863.27 × 1.03)
Monthly compensation payments for child care up to 3 years old50 rubles (no longer offered in 2021)
Monthly payment for a child in the Chernobyl zone
  • 3000 - from birth to 1.5 years;
  • 6000 - for a child aged 1.5 to 3 years;

Regional payments

  1. Improving housing conditions, including the purchase or construction/reconstruction of housing using your own funds or a mortgage. Since March 2021, changes have been made to the law. Now you can spend capital not only on the construction and reconstruction of a house on a plot of land intended for this purpose, but also on a garden plot. This should not be a garden house or temporary building. Money will be allocated only for permanent construction suitable for habitation.
  2. Child's education. And not only the one for whom maternity capital was allocated.
  3. Depositing money into a funded pension account for a mother who gave birth or adopted a child.
  4. Adaptation of disabled children (purchase of means and equipment included in a special list).

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Child care allowance up to 1.5 years old

Land tax for a large family will be less due to a reduction in the tax base by 600 square meters. m (6 acres). This right has been introduced since April 2021. The benefit applies only to 1 plot. The payer can choose it independently or trust an inspector who will exclude square meters from the land with the highest cadastral value.

  • One-time benefit for registration in the early stages of pregnancy. The same 675.15 rubles. The benefit is not dependent on employment.
  • A one-time benefit in the amount of 18,004.12 rubles. It is paid in Russia for every child born, regardless of whether the parents have a job.
  • BiR. It is paid in a specific amount - 675.15 rubles per month. For 4 months, a pregnant woman will receive 2,700.6 rubles.
  • Child care allowance up to 1.5 years old. The minimum amount established by law will be charged monthly. In 2021 it is 6752 rubles. This amount will be received by the unemployed, individual entrepreneurs, lawyers and other people who are engaged in private practice. If at the time of the birth of the third child the second is less than 1.5 years old, then the benefits are added up, but it cannot exceed 13,504 rubles.

Regional benefits in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, social assistance is provided to the following categories of the population:

  • pregnant women and nursing mothers;
  • orphans and those deprived of parental care;
  • children adopted and placed in foster care;
  • children with disabilities and disabilities.

Regional benefits in St. Petersburg are issued in accordance with the following basic documents:

  • Law of St. Petersburg No. 728-132 of November 22, 2011 “Social Code of St. Petersburg”;
  • Resolution No. 343 of May 22, 2013 “On the implementation of Chapter 5 “Social support for families with children” of the Social Code of St. Petersburg.

Child benefits are calculated according to the following principles:

  • material resources are allocated from the city budget;
  • every parent (guardian) who lives in St. Petersburg with his family can apply for benefits;
  • Payments can be received by both citizens of the Russian Federation and foreigners. In addition, stateless persons and refugees can receive benefits if they do not receive similar assistance in other regions of the country;
  • All applications for regional payments are accepted by the Department of Social Protection of the Population.

Families whose average per capita income per person is less than one and a half times the subsistence level for the last quarter are considered low-income.

When calculating average per capita income, they do not take into account:

  • alimony paid to another family;
  • salary that is accrued but not paid at the place of work.

In St. Petersburg there is a governor's allowance. It is issued after the birth of each child or if the family has taken custody of a baby under 6 months.

Children's card of Bank St. Petersburg

Basically, the governor's benefit is credited to the child's card. These funds cannot be cashed out using an ATM. A parent or guardian can use money only in children's stores to purchase necessary goods: strollers, cribs, clothes, food.

You can apply for such a card at the MFC. A one-time benefit is transferred to the child's card, and low-income families receive monthly payments on it until the child turns 16 or 18 years old.

Payments for the first child

Payment nameSize
Monthly benefit up to 1.5 years
  • RUB 3,462
  • 3,910 rubles - if it is a single-parent family or the family of a military personnel.
One-time compensation payment (Children’s card)RUB 31,104
Additional payments
Monthly provision of special nutrition for pregnant women. Determined in the volume of products per month. 1st trimester - 1.5 kg; 2nd trimester - 1 kg; 3rd period - 0.75 kg.
Monthly food support for nursing mothers.Up to 4 months - 1.5 kg; From 4 - 6 months - 0.75 kg.
Social benefits for student families (monthly)RUB 3,806
Annual compensation payment for a child under 18 years of age suffering from celiac disease who is not disabledRUB 11,422
Monthly benefit from 1.5 to 7 years
  • RUB 1,005;
  • RUB 1,451 - if this is an incomplete family or the family of a military personnel.
Monthly allowance for schoolchildren
  • 933 rub.
  • RUB 1,349 - if this is an incomplete family or the family of a military personnel.
Monthly allowance for a disabled child6,850 rub.
Monthly allowance if both parents in the family are disabled people of groups I and (or) II
  • 6,850 rub. - aged from birth to 7 years;
  • RUB 4,758 - aged from 7 years to 16 (18) years.
Monthly allowance for a disabled child from a family where both parents are disabled people of groups I and (or) IIRUB 9,512
Monthly allowance for a disabled child with special needsRUB 15,434
One-time compensation payment to women who gave birth between the ages of 20 and 24 yearsIn the case of the birth of the first child from January 1, 2021 - 52,120 rubles.
Monthly allowance for an HIV-infected child6,850 rub.

Benefits for a second child

Payment nameSize
One-time compensation payment at birth (Children’s card)RUB 41,475
Monthly benefit up to 1.5 years4,467 rubles - at the birth of the second and subsequent ones, incl. in a family with a disabled child
Annual benefit up to 16 years of ageFor large families or families with a disabled child, for wives of military personnel: 4,467 rubles.

Benefits for a third child

Payment nameSize
One-time compensation payment at birth (Children’s card)RUB 51,842
Monthly allowanceCorresponds to the child's subsistence level in St. Petersburg at the time of application.
Regional maternity capital154 347, 12 rub.

Regional payments and benefits for the birth of the 3rd child in 2021

Children under 3 years of age are provided with special food (dairy cuisine). The measure is being implemented through municipal health care institutions, which are allocated funds for financial assistance in the provision of milk nutrition.

Step 2. Contact the social protection service or MFC

The new Law on the obligation of parents to provide housing for children after a divorce will amend Article 86 of the Family Code of the Russian Federation, which previously only stipulated obligations to pay alimony for the treatment and rehabilitation of a child after a divorce.

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Additional payments for large families

Monthly compensation payment to cover expenses due to the rising cost of living for children from large families receiving a survivor's pension

A parent of children from large families receiving a survivor's pension, regardless of family income, can count on a monthly payment of 4,147 rubles.

Monthly social payment to mothers who gave birth (adopted) and raised five or more children and receive a pension

Regardless of family income, a mother raising 5 or more children can receive 3,111 rubles. per month.

Benefits for large families

In St. Petersburg, families with many children can count on federal and regional benefits.

What is federal assistance?

  • 30% discount on utilities. Families who live in private houses (without central heating) receive a 30% discount on fuel purchases;
  • 50% discount on travel to places of sanatorium treatment. A minor child and one of the parents (accompanied) will be able to take advantage of this discount. It doesn’t matter whether the trip is private or public;
  • free travel on intracity municipal transport;
  • free school and sports uniforms;
  • priority enrollment in preschool educational institutions;
  • free medical care and orthopedic equipment - all purchases are made at the expense of the state;
  • free visit to the theater or exhibition once a month;
  • preferential loan interest rates.

Regional assistance to large families

  • if there are 4 to 7 children in a family who are under 18 years old, the authorities of St. Petersburg increase the discount on utilities to 40%, and if there are more than 7, then to 50%;
  • if triplets are born at the same time, and the family is registered as needing housing, then it receives living space at the rate of 9 square meters per child;
  • those with many children are given land plots of 0.15 hectares or more for growing vegetables and fruits;
  • families with 7 children or more receive a passenger minibus.

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